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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  March 3, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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there could be criminal charges after a cheating scandal at an area high school. good evening, i'm jim vance.
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>> i'm doreen xwentsler. the grade-changing allegations rocked churchill high school in montgomery county. parents and teachers are learning the scope of the criminal investigation as authorities try to figure out who is responsible for altering more than 50 grades. news4 jackie benson is in potomac with more. >> reporter: we learned all of the grades in question are history grades. three of the alleged student ring leaders have withdrawn from the public school system, but that does not make them immune from criminal prosecution. the police are now involved in an unprecedented investigation to whether students at winston churchill high school sold teacher computer passwords and used them to change grades in the computer system. >> some of them involves possible hacking into a computer, and under maryland state law that would be a criminal violation. >> reporter: school officials confirm 54 grades are in question. in addition to the eight ring leaders, 46 others may have had
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their grades altered. it's not clear how many of the 46 were aware of changes. in a letter sent home to parents, school principal confirmed 700 student grade books have been subpoenaed by the state attorneys oice but focus is on 54 grades in question. >> i think it's a shame. it tants the other kids that are doing well and puts into question all their grades. all the work they've ne. >> i'm glad they are taking extra safety measures now with computers and trying to keep them hack proof. >> i'm glad they are checking into it and they find out all the kids that they did that, hopefully it won't happen again. >> reporter: police won't confirm if they believe money exchanged hands. >> we don't know exactly what any specific motive or motives have been. again, we are only just beginning this investigation. >> a community meeting on this matter is scheduled for monday at 7:00 p.m. here at churchill high school. doreen, back to you.
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>> jackie benson, thank you. president obama has signed a disaster declaration for the district to help the city recover from the blizzards recently which dumped two feet of snow on the city. that move gives d.c. access to federal aid. the president made similar declarations for maryland and virginia. it's too early to know whether federal aid will be available to help offset costs of the two blizzards this year. a couple from pasadena, maryland, sued toyota today. they claim a staky accelerator led them straight into a busy intersection. andrew was driving with his wife back in 2008 when he tried to brake at a stop sign. he said his toyota echo accelerated and they were hit by an suv. both were seriously injured. andrew was in a coma more than a month and still is partially paralyzed. the lawsuit alleges toyota knew about the accelerator problems.
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in the past month, toyota has recalled 8.5 million vehicles because of problems with sudden acceleration. dozens of same-sex couples applied for marriage licensees in the district today as the nation's capital took a big step in supporting gay rights. nearly 150 gay and lesbian couples applied for marriage licensees at d.c. superior court today. most are from the washington region, but some came from as far away as mississippi. the day drew celebrations as well as some expected protests. >> i came o here to be a witness to the truth. really what is happening here today at the courthouse is a charade. it's a fiction. >> love, live life and be happy. that's all i can say to them. >> i think it's going to sink in when we get that certificate and the marriage license and all of that. >> couples will have to wait three full business days to get their marriage licensees, meaning tuesday will be the first day at they can wed. president obama says the
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time for debate is over. now it's time for a vote on health care. he is pushing for reconciliation, a means by which the senate would force a vote on the current bill with a simple majority rather than the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster. republicans say that is not what the american people want, but the president disagrees. >> it is time to listen to the people and to start over. >> all behind closed doors. not on the floor of the senate. that's regrettable. >> they are waiting for us to leave. as long as i hold this office, i intend to provide that leadership it. don't know how this plays politically, but i know it's right. >> the president's final proposal does not include the public option. it does include medical malpractice reform, which was important to republicans. maryland may raise the tax on alcohol to help pay the health care costs for people with special needs.
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the proposal supported by politicians, religious leaders and health care advocates would increase the state tax by a dime a drink. supporters say the measure would reduce alcohol abuse and fund health care access. it would pay for people with delopmental disabilities and mental health needs. vendors say the cost of the plan is deceiving and will hurt their business. right now in college park, fans are counting down the final minutes of one of the biggest basketball games in years for maryla. in the meantime, police are making final preparations for the after party that might be. derrick ward is along route 1 now where things have gotten out of hand before. how about tonight, derrick? >> reporter: all is quiet right now. the oddsmakers gave this one to duke. it is a really close game. they are counting down the final minutes. perhaps now the final seconds. the people who are responsible for public safety can't play the odds. they have to be prepared for
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anything. we are at route 1 and knox road which has been ground zero for anything that may happen pending the outcome of this game. for now, all's quiet. sounds like team spirit. there is always a lot of it in college park when the terps play the blue devils. >> the greatest rivalry in acc history. right now we are on the line number one. >> reporter: known to get out of hands years past especially when maryland wins, but not lately. >> we haven't had any problems for a few years. we don't expect the students to do anything except celebrate among themselves and keep it inside. >> reporter: they've been preparing for the worst while working for the best outcome. everything from a personal plea from the team coach to student body to asking the clerks at the local 7-eleven to remove lighter fluid from the store shelves. one year got particularly bad
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for a bike shop after a duke game. >> in the past we made arrangements with the university police to keep an eye on what goes around here. all the business has the same concerns. >> when you play duke it's always in the back of our minds. that's traditionally been the school we've had problems with post game celebrations. duke being here and highly ranked, maryland playing so well lately all has us ready. >> reporter: we understand maryland did, indeed, win the game. we are here at route 1 and people are just starting to pour out of some establishments here. word is just getting out. there is a contingent of police officers on hand here. for now, all's quiet. we hope that prevails for the rest of the evening. back to you. >> derrick, stand by. could get interesting out there. >> we are glad they have something tocelebrate. >> officials say two young
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children were in contact with pilots. >> a superintendent says she might not have to fire every teacher at an underperforming school. >> a police officer risks his life. >> our weather will be improving. a little bit of sunshine tomorrow. then a nice spring thaw for the weekend. >> talking hockey. first the capitols trying to beat the olympic mvp. au looking to advance. host: could switching to geico really save you
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there was more panic in chile today after strong aftershocks sparked fears of another tsunami and sent people running for higher ground. the tremors measured magnitudes of 5.9 and 6.1. there were no reports of serious damage or injuries this time. people are steele nervous after saturday's 8.8 tremor and
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tsunami. much-needed supplies now started to pour in to the hardest-hit towns. some believe the it's arriving too late. >> the army has the resources, has the equipment and has the training to deal with these kinds of situations. i think we waited too long. >> nearly 800 people were killed in the quake. this amateur video shows what it was like when it struck and what survivors are going through with every new tremor. if you're interested in helping the relief efforts in chile, we've compiled a list of organizations accepting donations through text messages. go to and search chile. could be more trouble for workers at an air traffic control tower in new york city. the faa is investigating if the audiotape res veal two children were giving instructions to pilots from the tower at kennedy airport. >> 171 departure.
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>> awesome job. >> officials say last month an air traffic controller took his sono work last night and allowed him to read messages overt radio to pilots. the controller took his daughter the next night and let her do the same. the controller says he was in charge of those planes the entire time. transportation secretary disagrees. >> this i an outrageous statement. it's not even factual. he's supposed to be in control of the plane, not some little kid. >> air traffic controller and his supervisor have been suspended while authorities investigate. still to come tonight, can new dna evidence help find the killer of a teenager who disappeared 35 years ago? joe krebs has the cold case report. >> veronica says warmer weather.
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it's been 35 years now since 18-year-old eileen kelly disappeared on her way home from work. eventually she was found dead in d.c. her family and the police are still trying to find the killer. among those looking is a retired prince george's county homicide detective who was just a young cop at the time. joe krebs has our report on this cold case. >> reporter: eileen kelly was 18 when she was murdered days before christmas in 1974. >> she had a lot of friends. a few close friends. >> reporter: one was the sister of mike mccrellen who would eventually lead the homicide county's division. back then he was a new patrolman. >> september 13, 1974 a frien
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of mine's sister called her and told her eileen kelly was missing. >> reporter: she left her job early that day and was planning to take a bus out to her parents' home in hyattsville. >> the bus driver was interviewed the day or two after she turned up missing. he positively identified a photograph of her as being a rider on that bus. >> reporter: she and her dad were going to pick up a new car she had just bought. >> she would never have not called or gone somewhere else. completely out of character. we knew right away something was wrong. >> reporter: nine days after she disappeared, eileen kelly's body was found behind 17 r street northwest just off this alley. she was dead. she had been strangled, but perhaps most disturbing of all was evidence that she had been alive for most of that time. she had been held hostage for most of those nine days.
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>> the medical examiner did say there was no way she had been dead when she turned up missing. he estimated 24 to 36 hours. my parents changed and were never the same. they were wonderful people and wonderful parents, but the loss of a child like that is devastating. >> reporter: investigators recently discovered dna evidence and will use it to reconsider possible suspects. >> there have been several suspects developed. none have been eliminated. obviously, they are the first ones they'll look at. >> reporter: even after eight years of retirement he is trying to find the killer of his sister's friend. >> we can't bring eileen back, but her spirit will always be with us. the person responsible for that needs to be identified. prosecuted and ultimately promised. >> reporter: joe krebs, news4.
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if you have any information that might help identify eileen kelly's killer, you are asked to call d.c. police operations center. 202-727-9099. veronica is ready with our weather forecast now. >> some improvements, but not all at once. tomorrow is a cloudy day for us. right now, temperature as we take a look outside, we have some overcast skies still with us. the rain showers we had, the drizzle, that's pretty much been waning over the last few hours as low pressure moves off the coast. 42 today. we did pick up a trace of rainfall. right now we are at 41 degrees. since noon the temperature has been fluctuating between 39 and 41. landover 39 degrees.
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we have enough wind with wind chill temperatures are running in the low to mid 30s. chilly start to the day tomorrow. our winds will still be at about 10 miles per hour. that is what's left of the precip moving out of baltimore. it's all leaving the area. we will have a few clouds tomorrow. low pressure though. big system leaves the area. there is another area of low pressure that's going to come swinging through tomorrow. that's why we are going to have more clouds moving back in. little sunshine to start the day. pax river picked up 0.27 inch of rain with this system. there was more south than points north. there is the mild push that is going to be coming over us for the weekend.
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denver was 7 degrees above average today. most of the east on the cool side. temperatures here in d.c. similar to what they are down south in jacksonville, florida. no real deep winter cold air over us right now. beautiful area of high pressure moves east for the next couple of days. that will give us clear skies. not tomorrow, we'll have to wait until friday to get partly-sunny skies as high pressure continues to move east. for saturday and through your sunday, beautiful skies. highs tomorrow will be in the low to mid 40s through the area. real quick look at your seven-day forecast here. temperatures starting out just below freezing. sunshine for saturday and sunday with highs running between 50 and 55 degrees. little bit of rain comes our way tuesday next week. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. when we come back, highlights of a thrilling game. with the verizon fios multi-room dvr,
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oh, my, oh, my. >> it was fun. >> exciting. all the way through. >> it really was. this is absolutely what college basketball is all about. a sold-out senior night for a game with conference title on the line. terps up by 14 in the first half only t lose the lead in the second, but this is a resilient group. in the end it was party time in college park with the terps pulling off the upset. senior night. graves vasquez all smiles on
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senior night. emotions were flying high. you knew 21 was going to bring it. first happen. how about this pass to a cutting eric hayes. up and under. that was sweet. on the ensuing possession, the ball baubled around. pass to jordan williams. he throws it down. maryland up by as many as 14 in the first half. the crowd really getting into it. duke closes the gap. maryland thinks they are going to drop the hammer. terps up by four. nolan smith draws the contact he's from pg county. tied game. graves said, i will the not lose this on senior night. a tough runner for vasquez. playing it up for the crowd. he is a performer. i was wondering where he gets it. look at his dad.
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mom and dad getting into it. they are going to like this. an impossible shot. he gets it to go. terps up by five. they go on to win it 79-72. and they did storm the court at the comcast center. let's hear with graves had to say after the big win. >> i'm so happy. i'm thankful to all my fans and to the school and all the people in venezuela watching right now. i love you. >> while there was elation in college park there are questions at georgetown. leading scorer austin freeman had been diagnosed with diabetes. his condition was initially thought to be a stomach virus. it is unclear whether he will return to the hoyas. his condition is manageable. american hosting navy in the
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quarterfinals of the patriot league tournament. au in white off the miss. a career night for lumpkins. this is the freshman daniel munoz. floater to go. that is a nice shot. american hangs on to win it 62-60. hockey time. trades plenty for the capitols today. four different deals before the trade deadline. caps get scott walker, center eric belanger. the biggest move nabbing joe rbo from canada. the team on the ice tonight for the first time since the olympic break started almost two weeks ago. caps in buffalo taking on the sabers. goalie ryan miller who was the mvp of the olympic. first period. miller says, no, sir, ain't
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going to happen on my watch. scoreless in the first period. second period, this is how do you beat ryan miller. you've got to distract him. traffic in front of the net. jason chimera with his stick in the net. he did not have a chance to stop it. sabres strike back. puck bounces out. he beats jose theodore. that ties the game at 1-1. moving on to the third. we are still tied at 1-1. green takes care of the rest. the caps add an empty-netter and beat ryan miller and the sabres 3-1. caps back at home tomorrow night against tampa bay. wizards on the road in milwaukee. they lose to the bucks. >> good stuff. than
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the school superintendent who fired all the teachers in a troubled rhode island high school says she is willing to negotiate now. the firings were part of a plan to turn around one of rhode island's worst performing high schools. the school board voted to fire 93 teachers and staff by the end of the year. a teachers union filed unfair labor practice charges over the plan. it promises to support reforms asked for by the school board. that may help teachers save their jobs. a dog wandered on to an expressway in montgomery county in pennsylvania at the height of rush hour. a state trooper stopped traffic,
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rescued the dog, and as you can see, people stopped longer than they had to just to make sure the dog and officers were both safe. that dog was wearing tags. he's back home tonight and so is everybody else.
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the man behind "the miracle on the hudson" piloted his final us airways flight today. captain sully sullenberger became a hero when he crash landed a plane on the hudson. he has become a celebrity and is now retiring to spend more time on his family.


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